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Vivenxia partners with private ​and public healthcare leaders ​to take on the industry's most ​pressing challenges and ​deliver innovative solutions.

Our mission is to apply the best data available ​and the latest technological developments to ​make healthcare better and more accessible ​for millions of people around the world.


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Some of our notable clients and partners include:

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Our Expertise

Our strength lies in the synergy between our deep ​understanding of every facet of the healthcare landscape ​and our unified approach covering pharmaceuticals, medical ​technology, payers, providers and nonprofits. We bring this ​cross-disciplinary perspective to fuel groundbreaking ​innovation, cost optimization through data-driven insights, ​and deliver revenue growth for our life science partners.

Healthcare Analytics

We transform raw data into meaningful insights that pave the ​way for improved healthcare delivery and accessibility, using ​state-of-the-art methodologies enhanced by artificial ​intelligence.


We immerse ourselves in any stage of the product life-cycle ​across R&D, supply chain, operations, and commercialization to ​maximize growth and accessibility.

Me​dical Technology

We provide strategic guidance to navigate the rapidly evolving ​MedTech and digital therapeutics landscape, empowering our ​partners to develop and implement winning strategies for ​innovative devices, integrated platforms, and digitally-driven ​service models.


We equip healthcare payers with the insights and strategies to ​unlock growth potential in new markets, optimize Medical Loss ​Ratio, leverage data-driven insights for member experience ​improvements, and streamline operations through automation.

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